New Organization Promoting Safety in Kayaking

After reading several of the recent threads here on it occurred to me this groups seems like it might be of interest for many people here on the forum. I think sign up information is included.


Kayakers Against Reckless Endangerment and Negligence, a nonprofit organization, exists to provide expert opinion for the benefit of the public. KAREN’s vision is to be the loudest and most heard organization worldwide in the field of kayaking. KAREN promotes and supports kayaking safety, tradition, and compliance through lecture and explanation.

Guardrails for life
KAREN’s primary function is to provide timely information and assistance, solicited or not, for kayaking safety. KAREN are champions of commentary on all situations, and strives to reprimand both experts and novice alike. We are your trusted advisors — the experts you need to listen to when you are uncertain, or when you’re not. Whether you’re looking for an answer to a simple question or need assistance in an emergency (you shouldn’t have done that) - we are always here for you.

Who We Are
We prepare and support the kayaking community by setting the example. By only kayaking when others (hopefully an instructor) are present, KAREN ensures you will never be to blame when things go wrong. KAREN sets the gold standard in safety by providing the most comprehensive list of “I wouldn’t do that’s” available. For when mistakes have already been made, KAREN will be there to provide the most comprehensive and obvious observations about what should have been done. At KAREN, we believe that every person could have been saved.

Speaking to managers across the globe
KAREN is one of the leading kayak organizations supporting safety in advertising. At KAREN, we believe kayaking safety begins at the manufacturer and ends with litigation. KAREN ensures the industry makes smart decisions through direct engagement with the manufacturer. KAREN believes consumers have no responsibility to ensure advertisements are accurate or promoting safe activity. Kayakers have a right to take advertisement literally. By shifting the responsibility of safety from the user to the manufacturer, KAREN ensures the industry and kayakers make smart decisions on every adventure.

Make a big difference in the lives of others by making a donation or joining KAREN today. An annual donation entitles you to many member benefits. Members receive a free year’s subscription to our lively magazine, The Bob, which is packed full of the latest news, tips about what others should be doing, and regular explanations about the obvious. If you feel like you would be a good fit for our team, attend one of our mandatory meetings where we can help you understand that you aren’t.


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free gift with your membership. Your choice of a 1972 Ford Pinto or 1962 Chevy Corvair.


Damn, I might join just to get the Corvair. :grin:


Count me in but, I want to speak to your manager first!


Hey, I had a '72 Pinto and it didn’t catch on fire when I rolled it.

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It just had to be named KAREN…hehe


Sorry, too many posters from this site have filled all available memberships. Feel free to add your name to the wait list as accidents happen weekly.

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I had a Corvair Spyder convertible on the streets of L,A., a long time ago but count me In.

and the poster has never met my Karen… she does tell people where to go… It’s her job. Involves terms like duty and deployed…

Nicely done

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