New Orleans/Anybody wanna fish Sunday?

Any yakers want to fish the trestles in Lake Pontchartrain Sunday?

Sorry, if you already know about the forum, but you may have more luck by trying at the Cajun Country kayak/canoe fishing forum I’ll be fishing the Grand Isle area this weekend.


I’ll be out at the trestles Sunday in a stinkpot but will surely stop and visit with you.

I’d describe the boat but heck… there will probably be 300 of them out there.

What’s the kayak fishing guru of So. La. doing in a stinkpot?

I’m very disappointed…

Might not now
Actually, I’m not sure where I’m going now…If not there, I’ll probably be at the mouth of Bayou Lacombe.

Sorry King…
It’s a work thing… You understand.

New assignment starting the day after Memorial Day. Goin back to bein a green-clad-nazi-youth.

Ends up after yesterday’s experience with Lady Ponchartrain I just didn’t want to go back so I won’t be there afterall.

How’d you do?

Been to visit Cajun Country yet?

I was paddling around Goose Point and got nothing at all, not even a nibble. There were a bunch of people out there but it doesn’t look like anyone else was doing any good either…Yes, I did go to the Cajun Country forum and there’s a lot more activity there! Thanks for the tip!

…Might go back out to Goose Point Friday morning.