New Orleans/Bayou St. John Kayaking Tips (Before Sunrise)

I live close to Bayou St. John in New Orleans and would love to go paddling some mornings, likely around 5:30. Any reason to avoid this time? I’m not worried about alligators during the day but not sure how it would be before sunrise.

I have no experience with kayaks or gators around New Orleans. I do have gator experience in Florida and other watery places.

Generally if it is dark that is prime gator time. The question is are you in gator frequented water or open areas. Are you in areas that normally has lots of people activity, motor boats, jet skis, in-board ski boats (they don’t like those) or in the backwaters? Are there gators in the day at those places? Will you be coasting or paddling with purpose? Big boat or little boat?

Folks paddle Bayou St John all day and night. I would not intentionally do rescues at dawn or dusk, but otherwise BSJ is fine for paddling. Several friends paddle there year round and I do occasionally when I am in NO and do not go to the Lake. If you go walk along BSJ a few mornings, I suspect you will find that you would not be the only paddler early in the day.