New Orleans Paddling????

Hey folks. I’m looking for a paddle outfit for 4/27/12. Not sure who the go-to paddling outfit is in New Orleans. I’m there for a job, but would like to hit the bayous or the coast on Friday. Does anyone have any idea who I should call? I’m looking for the hard-core paddle people, not the tourist groups. Thanks.

Bayou Barn, I think
I think this is the place we rented from in the early 2000s. I can’t find a picture of the place so I am not sure.

The place is interesting. Doubles as a zydeco dance pavilion on Sunday’s I think.

This is not coastal though. The paddling is bayou, part of a park or refuge of some sort (Jean Lafitte, maybe even NP). This is a nice time to go. Flatwater. May connect to an inland shipping canal, but there is plenty of Bayou to poke about in. Gators and hanging moss galore.

Apr 27, eh? Check and see if Jazzfest is on, and if it is, forget about the bayou and go spend the day at the Fairgrounds. You will not regret.


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to the canoe rental in new orleans thread, there is a link to every rental group for 80 miles any direction.
Be sure tell them your hard core, coonasses eat that up.

I think you could rent a SOT kayak
from one of the outfitters in the Honey Island Swamp. One of them is right at a bridge crossing on US 90, and the other is is at a hamlet called “Kitchen” or something, along 90 as you near the swamp. If someone hasn’t already listed them on the other thread, Google should turn them up.

I’m mainly a whitewater paddler, but in Louisiana I “gear down” mentally, because it usually is not action paddling, it’s a scenic experience.

Bayous aren’t “hardcore”
Alex, There isn’t hardcore paddling as you think of it in the bayou or anywhere near the Gulf Coast without weather conditions that would make you and I wince (read hurricane). It bears no resemblance to anything around your area from the South Sound to Flattery…think Mercer Slough only with nasty critters with big teeth (that could include coonasses, who are generally lacking sufficient dentition but can pack a wallop in other ways, that means you Boudreaux and Thibidoux). But definitely tell them you’re hardcore…if you’re looking for adventure go to Morgan City, visit Mr.Lucky’s and order a bottle of champagne.

I have it narrowed down to a list of 5 for your

secret identity!

Not secret…
Think W. Seattle and Bob’s current arch nemesis.