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Anybody know if there is a boat ramp anywhere in New Orleans on the mississippi suitable for pulling my Kayak out?

I am currently in Natchez, making my way down the mississippi in a hobie cat kayak-contraption. I will be in New orleans in (I guestimate) two weeks or so…

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I’ll post this
I’ll post this to the websites of one of the local paddling clubs and see if I get any good responses. I’ve never seen any ramps myself. If exiting the river anywhere besides a ramp, many of the levees on the river can be quite steep and right in the city itself they are lined with rip-rap rock. Tricky…

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Thanks for offering that. I will be unable to check in on my email after tomorow- I will be moving on from natchez (the river is calling me back) If I get any great advice, It would be cool if someone could call me at 608-347-3504 Otherwise, I am content living dangerously, making it up as I go along. I May just shoot by the city and come back by another means of transportation at a later time. Be Well,


I like your attitude

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If you don't get an with what you have or what you get. You're on a long trip and you knew it was going to be tough so go for it. I really wish you well. Some way, some how you'll find a way and you know it. I know it so let us all know how it ends.

I like toughing it out. It makes the trip that much sweeter especially when you overcome a monster. How sweet it is.

Slow me down but you can't stop me is my motto on the river.

Good luck

here is a list of ramps…
for the state of Louisiana.

Have seen people boat up to the Algiers ferry by Harrahs casino…just run fast.