New Orleans

Mid-March, I am going for a conference to new Orleans. I would like to paddle there at least for one afternoon, maybe a whole day like Saturday. Anyone knows an outfitter or a group there who could help me?



Here’s a link that includes some
renters in the NO area.

Hard to say whether renter-outfitters will be open in March. I also don’t know how up-to-date the list is.

Bayou Haystackers
If you have a Yahoo account (or if you are inclined to take a few minutes to set one up) you can post to the Bayou Haystackers Yahoo! message board. They have a pretty good core of active paddlers and will be glad to offer some good advice.

You need a boat
I can’t help you with that.

McGee Creek in Mississippi (just over the line ) is a nice moving water run.

There is an outfitter there.

Closer to NO, Cane Bayou just east of Mandeville will give you gators birds and a variety of ecosystems… You can go out and paddle along some of Lake Ponchartrain if you want.

Also Big Branch NWR in Lacombe LA…between Mandeville and Slidell.