New Owner for Kokatat

Great to see this wasnt sold to some faceless penny pinching conglomerate like so many have been. (Im looking at you Arc’teryx. I forget which jacket I was looking at and it was made in Myanmar, one of the lowest paid countries in the world, and it was a $500+ jacket that probably has $100 of material, $0.25 slave labor, $2 shipping, $10 advertising, and $10 fixed costs. And the best part is they specifically address the massive human rights issues in myanmar, but say they’re working from within to change things. Ya. real altruistic. That turned out great! but why would you expect otherwise, they are now owned by the Chinese group Anta Sports)

This gives me much more faith their quality and excellent customer service will remain consistent, as well as their domestic manufacturing.

Nothing worse than premium brands selling to corporate america who’s CEO’s immediately say "An excellent warranty sure costs us a lot of money. I could give myself a huge bonus if I screw over our loyal customers. Ya, lets do that. Deny every warranty claim for some chicken S reason like ‘normal wear and tear’ "

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Wow. Fingers crossed their quality and warranty policies don’t change.

Hope it doesn’t change.

To sell gortex they have to warranty it.

Wonder if this is why they have not been able to keep pace with stock.

Covid-19 most likely responsible for that.

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