New paddle advice - Thanks!

Got my shiny new Bending Branches Espresso ST paddle friday, and took it out for a spin on the Willimantic River sunday morning. I like it!! It paddles very smoothly, and as I was advised, it does have more power going upstream in shallow water than my beavertail paddle does, and it transmits more turning force, making for fewer correcting strokes in wind and current.

It has really good power going downstream, too. Like most big bladed paddles, the instantaneous power is higher than a more rounded paddle, but at cruising speed in deep water, it seems no more powerful than my other two paddles. I can see where someone who does not have a fluid paddle stroke could get tired easily trying to exploit the initial bite of this stick on the water. WIth a lighter touch, it cruises nicely.

It’s more flexible than either my Nashwaak or my Old Town paddles in the blade area, but you don’t feel that when paddling. It’s quiet, light, and feels very nice overall. Pretty, too.

Thanks to everyone who suggested this stick - it’s going to get a lot of use!

I’d like to try one of those someday …
… curious about what color the paddle came in . You said you wouldn’t know until it arrived and you get whatever they send you color wise . Was it the darker or the lighter (clear ??) version on that Blacl Willow wood ??

Hope you enjoy using it for a long time to come …

Varied color
The main shaft section that extends into the blade is lighter than the rest of the blade, and the darker part of the blade is striped diagonally with lighter and darker sections. Very attractive looking.