New paddle Celtic Kinetic 750

Four piece but solid 205-215. Probably going to order new shaft 195-205. From what see so far faster than the Werner Ikelos or Corryvreckan. Bigger 750 CM 2 blade but it feels good. Shaft lever lock works nicely. Been out twice got use to the indexing on the shafts. USPS lost it for 12 days never thought I’d see it.

Who did you order it from? I want a Celtic.

Randi Kruger


Looks like 600, 650, 750 in stock.



I talked to them but then they never got back to me. Even after a few more attempts by me.

What paddle and size are you looking for?

That’s not good.

I was in touch with Ashley I think. Found them through eBay. No clue what happened. Three attempts to give someone my money and I’m done. Could be a fluke. I found Randi excellent and responsive to deal with. Only monkey :monkey: wrench was USPS 2 day priority taking 12+ days. They don’t even issue a credit to the shipper.

Thanks, I know & have paddled with Randi.

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