New paddle day!

Bought a Gearlab Kalleq from Doug at Billington Kayak in Plymouth MA yesterday. What a great experience…Doug is very knowledgeable and helpful…we spent over an hour talking about kayaks, sculptures, wood splitting, generators, and kayaks.

I can’t wait to get the paddle out on the water…it’s still cool here on Cape Cod, and I don’t know the water temp (I’m a fair weather paddler), so it may be a little while before that paddle has its first voyage.

I’ll be going back to Doug for other needs in the future…he carries a wide range of good stuff, and I like supporting small businesses.

Nice. I’ve been eyeing the Kalleq for a while but have been falling prey to ideas of being fiscally responsible and passing on things I don’t need. However, they came out with a Kalleq with blue dots and tips and further resistance may be futile. And if they ever have those Greenland paddle drink stirrers again, I’m buying them out.

Congrats on the new paddle! According to NOAA, water temperatures inside Cape Cod Bay at Barnstable is 47 degrees, and on the south shore at Chattham it’s 51 degrees. Definitely still drysuit or thick wetsuit weather.

New paddles are great just to fondle.
I got my first CF paddle when our first grandson was 1.5, just toddling.
The day I got it, I was severely down in the back but he sat on our bed air paddling with it. He is now 21.
You get these stories with senior paddlers around.

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Please let us know how you like it when you’ve had a chance to try it out!

Haven’t forgotten about you, @Doggy_Paddler. Hope to get the boat out next week for the first time this year…

Excellent! Took my Montauk out for the first time this season a couple of weeks ago with my Gearlab Oyashio, an old design they stopped making long ago, which isn’t nearly as pretty as the new Kalleqs, but I still love it.

Congratulations! I purchased a Kalleq late last year. I have paddled with it a few times, and like it a lot. But I am new to Greenland style paddles, so can’t say much more than that about it.

Um, yes. Just got out a week ago Saturday. Paddle feels beatifully light in the hands, yet stiff and responsive. Not sure yet about the shape of the shaft; I jammed a thumb cyclocrossing and the non round profile seems to aggravate my thumb a bit. Overall, quite pleased…I didn’t notice any difference in speed, yet the effort was lower. Nice.

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