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After using a $20 paddle for a year, I think it’s time that I upgrade. I paddle a rec boat on slow moving or flat water. I really have no idea which paddle to buy. I have looked at the bending branches paddles but don’t know if thats what I should get. I would prefer something lighter weight with the assymmetric blades. I would like to purchase two of whatever I get so price is somewhat of a concern. Any suggestions?

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A shop here in Reno has 2 Werner Camano 2 piece paddles that are old but never used and look just like new. 230cm for $125 each.

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Werner is good stuff.

In the event
that those werners are gone, you might consider perception sea passage, aquabound seaquel or seaclude. They all weigh about the same, cost around $90 and seem good on a somewhat long haul. I’ve paddled all day with my Sea passage, but for a little thing I’m a very strong paddler. If you want REAL light, your wallet will be too.

love it
two words -love it

Nothing wrong with
Bending Branches! I have the Infusion Dream Glass Shaft and absolutely LOVE IT!!! Very light, no flutter and plenty of power.

Low cost
Hard to beat the Cannon paddles.Only about 70 buck’s.I had a Seaclude that went around 90 but like the Cannon better.Blades are about the same length but the Cannon’s a bit wider.I like the added speed this provides but for distance paddeling youd be better off with narrower blades.Both have plastic blade’s,aluminum shaft and can be set even or offset.For a high quality/light paddle the Onno’s are hard to beat.Good luck!

Bending Branches, Good!
Personally I paddle a Werner Carbon model, but I recently held a Bending Branches Paddle and was quite impressed, especially considering the price. Definitely a good bang for your buck - I liked it much better than the comprable costing Aquabound Paddles.

There’s someone on ebay that sells the Bending Branches paddles exclusively out of Wilmington NC. Their carbon paddles have my full endoursement.

Good luck, let us know what you end up with.

yes to BB
really must say that Bending Branches produces a great product whichever paddle you chose, we’ve got 2 infusions with ovalized shaft and dripless dream blades and a crank with same,hardest part is picking which to use.