New Paddle???

I plan to invest in a new paddle. What type of paddle should I buy. I am looking at some of the ash or cherry beaver tail paddles but I could use some advice. I fish about 60% of the time I am in by Mad River. Therefore, I need something light since I often paddle(Steer) one handed while I fish. What makes the Beaver tail and otter tail paddles better for fishing. I definitely dont want a very wide blade paddle because of the noise. Any suggestions would help. An old timer gave me a thin blade paddle he made out of walnut but it is way too heavy and the staff is too thick. It is not comfortable at all. Other than that I have just used the plastic with aluminum staffs.

Personal taste
I think folks could discuss and argue the right and wrong of paddles for millenia. From my perspective, it’s all a matter of taste. I buy cheap wooden paddles for two reasons: First, they’re cheap, and second, I like the way they feel.

If you’ve got the best paddle in the world, if it doesn’t feel good to you it’s not worth much.

Face it, if you wanted, you could paddle with a 2x4, and if you wanted more power you could slap a bit of plywood to it. It may not be the best, but it’d work. Start from there, and start figuring what you like and don’t like, what you want and don’t want. Then you’ll have a paddle that might not be the perfect paddle, but it could well be the perfect paddle for you. And because you’re the one who will be using it, that’s just fine.

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A beaver tail would probably
work real good for you with what you want to do with it. The beaver tail is great for solo use, as it offers excellent control for steering maneuvers and also adequate power.

The otter tail will also work, but it would offer less control and less power because it is designed that way. Its main purpose is for easy cruising.

There are many beaver tail paddles to choose from, and if you want to stay light, then I would recommend cherry wood. Look around, and try first if you can. Read the reviews about paddles on pnet.

Good luck, and happy paddling and fishing!