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Hello all! I’m getting a new Werner kayak paddle (20% off right now) and I’m thinking of choosing either a Shuna or corryvreckan. I’m a strong paddler and want more than my couple of older paddles offer. I often wish they’d grab a bit more than they do. I’m not always wanting to cover a ton of miles, but sometimes it’s nice to bear down when I’d like. I generally paddle at a high angle. If I used the Corryvrekan with such a large blade, would it be too much for all the times I’m paddling casually?

I used a large blade for everything for years, until my shoulder stopped me. It shouldn’t matter.
Like someone below said , what works best for you , aka personal choice.

Have you tried the Wener fit guide?

I have both, and pretty much always use the Shuna. The Corryvrecken is a LARGE blade.

Had a Camano also, but sold that. Too narrow a blade for me.

I have an Ikelos (Corryvrecken) and a Cypress (Shuna). The Ikelos is my everyday paddle. I seldom use the Cypress, even on long days. I’m 70, not particularly strong and not in great condition. I prefer the support of the larger Ikelos/Corryvrecken.

Personal choice.


The Werner thing runs through Sept. 2nd.

Decide before then.

Free shipping here:

What’s the expression, “Just saying’!”

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Have both but prefer and absolutely LOVE my Werner Shuna. Makes me feel like I am in 1.5x better shape vs using older plastic/aluminum paddles that are heavier and flex more. It almost feels like the same difference vs going to composite from plastic except you get to keep the durable plastic boat! And it’s not that fragile either, I’ve used it to push off against rocks without ill effects save a few minor scratches.

The corryvreckan isn’t bad but it’s heavier. I let the wife use the Shuna as it’s just… that much better.

Thanks so much for the advice everyone! Ordered my Shuna from REI but what a pain in the butt a “special order” is with that company! If I hadn’t had a dividend and gift card to use up I’d have gotten it from Marshall for sure!