New Paddler Clinic in Kansas City, Feb 9

If you’re in the Kansas City area, join us Thurs Feb 9 for an informal clinic and discussion to help new paddlers get up and running. Long-time paddlers will be sharing info and tips, including many learned the hard way. Grab a bite and a beer, learn some useful tips and see some fav gear, and meet some great paddling people.

Get details and RSVP at You’ll need to join the group to attend. Paddle KC is a free social club for kayakers, SUPers, canoeists in the KC area for new and experienced paddlers. Seating is limited, and preference is given to new paddlers. We have all sorts of fun and informative get-togethers and it’s free to join and participate.

Can anyone explain how to get message tags to stick? I’ve tried over and over again, in different browsers, with no luck. I add the tags, but once posted, they are gone. I don’t see a way to post a question in Message Board Instructions.

I think we’re stuck with the limited tags Pcom provides. I tried adding my own to a post with no success.

Thanks, Rookie. I can’t even get the standard tags to work. For example, I tried to tag this post with “US - Midwest” and added the tag over and over again but it disappears every time. I can’t add any tags whatsoever.

That’s not good. I just did a test post, used several of the standard tags, then saved it as a draft. When I previewed the draft, the tags showed up. Typing this on a Windows 7 machine, if that matters.

Spoke too soon. When I went back to the draft and previewed it again, the tags were gone. Another software bug. :expressionless: