New Paddler-Delta 14 Advice

Hi Everyone,

I’m brand new to kayaking (have gone out a couple times on a rec yak) and need some advice. I’m looking at a yak that I can not only learn the fundamentals in but can progress and enjoy different environments (small and large lakes mostly). I have been looking at the delta 14 and I’m quite excited about it but wondering if that’s gonna be overkill for me(was also considering the delta 12.10). I like the rudder option and the reviews are fantastic. I’m 5’4 150 pounds, can anyone give me any advice as to whether or not I’m looking in the right direction? With all the stores being super back ordered it’s really hard to compare boats at the moment.

I would say either kayak would be a wonderful purchase for you. I would love a Delta. Looking at the dimensions, besides length, they are very similar. The 12.10 is a little wider but 4 lbs lighter. The 14 is rated to carry more weight and comes with a rudder. If it were me, and money was not an issue, I would go with the 14. My problem when I buy a new kayak is that I always think afterwards that I should have gotten the next step up.
With limited availability I also would not hesitate to grab up either boat.

I’ve never paddled a Delta, but have seen many and people seem to like them. The 12.10 is quite wide and will probably hinder your progress as a paddler. The 14 is narrower, although wider than many sea kayaks, but would allow you to progress and kayak on the ocean if that becomes a goal. It would obviously be faster than the more portly 12.10. I would grab the 14. The problem with the 14 is that you might get hooked and it might be the first of many kayaks you buy to satisfy your new addiction. … Truly.

I think I know what you’re asking. I’ll link to the dimensions and you can figure out if it’ll work for you or not, be it now and/or in the future.
Personally I always go bigger as I like the more room, it’s something that will always fit me rather than later I’ll need more room/space.

No question, go for the 14’ boat, it will do well for what you want. IIRC, this is a John Winters design, well-known for good hulls.

Considering your size have you looked at the 15s? It is what I just got for my wife.

Defiantly not overkill.
I use my 17 and 18 foot boats in all sorts of water, including the smaller waters. Longer is faster/more efficient. Longer lets you bring more gear should you want to camp some time or even bring along stuff for lunch somewhere remote.
The delta 14 gives up nothing to the shorter or cheaper boats, but the shorter or cheaper boats give up a lot to that boat.
I don’t know a lot about Delat boats but I’ve looked at them in the stores and they look like nice boats. Fairly light weight, secure bulkheads, dry storage and share many characteristics of the bigger serious water boats so you are learning how to handle a larger touring boat should you decide to transition to that some day.