New paddler, need to ID a kayak model

I’m new here, kinda newish to kayaking (3 years). I’ve been renting this whole time, and am ready to buy. I’m also kind of a skinflint, so I’m looking at used boats. Specifically, a used perception day touring boat. But, I can’t ID it from the ad photos. The seller is calling it the “Rhythm” model, but it’s definitely not that one. The model name is on the bow, but I can’t make it out. It doesn’t show up in any of Perception’s back catalogs. Is anybody familiar with this boat?

I hope the picture posts. If not, I’ll keep trying.

More pictures:

Sorry, only one pic per post for newbs:

How about ask the seller to send a clear foto of the bow with the name?

Serial number gives you the year with the last two digits. Manufacture can tell you the model from the HIN number hull identification number.

I bought a used older Perception Monterey 14. some years ago for my brother that looked a lot like that with the swoopy bow and that hatch layout. It has a skeg. Though that looks more like a Carolina with a more recent seat design. The Carolina eventually displaced the very similar Monterey models. Both are great starter kayaks with a versatile size and decent handling. You can see both in this 2004 catalog:

Definitely not a Rhythm. That boat had a much more snubbed bow and flat profile.

I’ve gone through all of Perception’s back catalogs, and this boat is set apart from those two by that recess ahead of the cockpit that contains the deck lines. There’s more shaping to the aft deck as well. I’ll just assume it’s a 16 year old Monterey and lowball him.

It is a puzzling model because they dumped those strapped hatch lids from the mid sized RM touring boats in 20O4 The Vizcaya and Sole had them but they had different hatch shapes) . And those had rudders and the yellow boat you have the pics for seems to have the post 2004 seat.

I paid $400 for the Monterey 5 years ago including a decent Werner paddle and a somewhat sad Extrasport PFD. But the market is stronger now. I would say depending on your location that would be a $500 boat if it is in good shape, though maybe you could get below that due to the age.

People are putting crazy prices on used boats this year. Though I just snagged a composite Avatar for $300 (guy did not know what he had.)

Perception also made slightly different models for the British market in those years so it could be something like their Contour Expedition.

Here is a list of “all?” perception kayaks. Might be able to find it in there.

It does have a similar design to the Conduit 13. It could be the model before that line came out.


Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t think of it being an overseas model, because shipping one over in a move must be more than the replacement value.
The Perception chronology is kinda weird. It lists models that don’t appear in the corresponding catalog, and I find models online that don’t appear in the chronology.
The seller isn’t getting back to me, so I’ll probably move on.
Willowleaf- If you ever want a chuckle, type “I know what I’ve got” in the Craigslist search box, and marvel at the results.

Thanks for the tip. I periodically peruse the “Best of Craiglist” compilation for some good belly laughs, mild chuckles and even cringing.

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