New Paddler, need to replace Gunwales

Hi All,

New member here, name is Josh, I have been researching to find my first boat for the past month or so. I ended up picking up a 16’ Fiberglass Canoe, It says Kestrel on the side. Wooden gunwales need to be replaced. Hull is in good shape, no patches, one or two places where I need to repair the gel coat.Super excited about this boat and to get in the water.

Anything I should know before taking on this project, Really have learned a lot from reading this thread.

I’ll try and post a pic or two of the starting point


You’re going to need lots of clamps. Use them to hold the new rails in place. And measure where all of the atharwtship pieces go, and mark on the hull.

Lots of work but worth it.

Great Resource.