New paddler on the loose

Hello everyone. I am fairly new to the world of paddling. My experience is one day of training with a 2 man inflatable while I was in the Guard and a few trips down the Okotoma river in a rented Gruman. Anyway,I dont really know any serious local paddlers so I’m looking for advice on learning paddling techniques and also rigging a canoe. I picked up an 16’ fiberglass canoe for $50 that I’m going to have to a little work to, just a couple cracks in the gunwales and a small spot in the runner. Look forward to getting it on the water soon and get to exploring.

Hey Mongo, congrats on your new hobby
I’m all the way up in Northeast PA so I can’t be much good to you. What you do to the boat depends a lot on what your going to use it for. You’ll get lots of good stuff here on pnet and the tabs up above are invaluable. I know it saved me a lot, maybe even my life.

MS paddling
I started on the Okatoma in a rented Gruman. That is a lot of fun.

There is a book “Paddling Mississippi” has excellent information on several trips all over the state. It is difficult meeting up with other paddlers. Things are picking up on the coast though, more activities than when I started and I know there is an active group in LA.

What part of the state are in?

The first several time I ever paddled it was on the Okotoma. I grew up in that area, but now live in N Alabama. I am just starting back paddling after about 5 years away from it.

American Canoe Association
Lists instructors on their website and you may try to google regional paddling clubs. Both could help with instruction. Welcome to the single stick world!

Mongo love Sheriff Bart ?

You Tube
You Tube is a great resource for a myriad of instructive videos.

Hi Mongo,
I live in La. south of Wilkinson Cnty, MS. I’ve paddled extensively in Miss. There are some fairly decent spots to paddle there. The state has a series of water parks on some on the more popular rivers. Look them up online. They range from gravel parking areas along shore to nice sites with rental cabins. Main thing is they are safe areas to leave your vehicle, you will find that a secure parking is very important.

Be very careful of “how to canoe” sites on Youtube. Some are good, some outright bad information. Mostly its confusing because of many differing opinions. I would not advise trying to use it.

Please explain, “a spot on the runner”. Good Luck,