New paddler saying hi

A $3k retail for $1k is a nice deal and I like the look of it and the reviews. Thanks for linking those. It feels like I’m changing my mind almost daily about my path forward to owning a kayak (buy cheap (<500) now while continuing the search for my ideal, or just spend extra now to buy something I know I like).

My dilemma with the Currituck is making the time to drive the hour+ there, and possibly/likely not being able to paddle it to see how it feels. Do I buy simply based on fit, and then if I don’t like how it paddles I try to resell? It’s been up for almost 3 weeks at “$1k OBO”. With that said, I did message about it.

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Moultonborough is right smack dab in the middle of the lakes region. Very possibly you’d be able to test paddle. Ask the seller. My feeling is that up there people prefer wide stable rec kayaks. (Spouse’s parents used to own a place up there and I very rarely saw sea kayaks out in the lakes.) Probably those are considered too tippy. But perfect for coastal paddling.

If the Currituck is in as good of shape as listed, it seems $1k is a fair price? If not, what would be a “BO” price (affordability aside)? 750-800? Although I guess that is subjective based on condition.

Also, is Impex still around? I see lots of older reviews and only a few online stores carrying what looks like newer (than the FB posting) models.

My good friend a frequent kayak camping partner owns a Currituck. Very nice kayak.

Frank and Cape Fear at Ocean 15

Sunset at the cape


Impex kayaks are still made by a company called Abitibi. They have an online presence. In my area Lake George Kayak Co carries them, and in Canada Frontenac does too. The latter has some informative videos on each model.

As for price it seems quite fair if in excellent condition - and if you like the boat, of course. Perhaps they’ll throw in some accessories, no harm in asking. Also depending on how new it is, though an older composite boat isn’t usually an issue. $800 would be a good deal.

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Thank you everyone for the feedback, it is very much appreciated. I broke down and committed to a new P&H Virgo MV. I decided to go new since life at the moment doesn’t really afford me the time to drive an hour one way to test-fit kayaks, and I’m so new that I don’t trust myself to know a good deal or not (hence all of my asking here and the wonderful feedback). I’ll borrow/rent/test as many as I can when I can in the hopes of finding something I like more than the Virgo, but at the moment I’m fairly in love with it.

I borrowed a Perception Carolina 14.5 yesterday and it felt like an absolute barge compared to the Virgo.

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Congrats on the new boat!

Congrats! Hope it will bring you years of paddling fun. Please post a pretty picture of your new boat on the “Show off your boat” thread when you get it!

I saw a guy in a kayak and caught up to him. We stopped and talked. When we left in the same general direction, I had a hard time hanging with him. It’s a fast boat, but to tight for my big bones or I’d find one somewhere.

2nd the Congrats on your new boat. Just don’t second guess yourself to distraction. Use it and learn all aspects of paddling.
And then get the next one.


Cheers enjoy be safe?

Congratulations on getting started, and the course w the ACA. Nice to hear.

IMO, for coastal ambitions something like the Sitka is a better choice than the Tsunami line. Latter are solid boats but the Sitka is more oriented to salty conditions. But whatever you get as a first boat, not likely to be your last.

Thanks, I’m definitely excited to get it, not sure when though. The company had already ordered some a while back and expect delivery “this year”…hoping it is before the snow starts to fall. But once I have it I’ll definitely post a picture (Lava color).

Sitka LT is still on my radar, for sure, although more just to try out now so I know for the future than really considering buying a 2nd kayak that soon (wife would have my hide).

Just caught up on what you had said, sorry for being late to the party. Virgo a good choice, enjoy when you get it!

Got an email that my kayak should be here next week or the week after. Woot! I promptly ordered a truck rack so I’m not always stealing the wife’s car.

Only wat to go.

There I am in the Caribou! Thanks for sharing the picture. I love all of the great memories.

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I should have my kayak tomorrow! I’d pick it up this afternoon when it arrives but I want to get a paddle in when I pick it up, so tomorrow morning it is. Pictures for sure to follow.

Here’s the timeline updates, heh:
Aug 23: “delivery sometime this year” // me = aww, ok
Aug 30: “the week after Labor Day” // woot!
Sept 7 (today): “this afternoon!” // super woot!!

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Never mind.