New paddling risk - air quality?

So yesterday after hours of yard work followed by paddling I watched the news and learned that we were advised to stay indoors because of terrible air quality. We’ve had some cool, damp, still weather which added to being in the path of the smoke. The sky has looked strange for too long.

Yesterday looking over Lake Michigan.

A few days ago on the river. Nice but there’s a dullness to it too.

Neighbor’s farm doesn’t look as cheerful as it should.

We’re told that strong weather/winds from the west may finally blow the smoke away tomorrow.

Was so bad here in the the north, visibility was only a mile. No paddling for me in such bad air.

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Overall environment/air quality risk! That smoke reminds me of several years ago, with the northern CA fires going on, I flew into the San Francisco and then drove down to Monterey for work. Normally, enjoyable to be out there, even if for work reasons. But, as we were landing, we were descending into the murky haze of smoke. This barely dissipated as I drove south to Monterey. It went on for days. My throat felt raw from just breathing. The Bay Area folks had been dealing with that for well over a week before I got there and had more of the same days after…

We can expect to see and be impacted by more of these fire events in the foreseeable future.


Same in N. Wisconsin - smokey haze with an strong acrid smell. I’d planned to take a leisurely 2 or three hour paddle early this morning today, but was back at the take-out after an hour. Looking forward to the possibility of reduced particulates tomorrow if the overnight forecast for rain showers is accurate.

Strange days we’re going through… But its been going on for quite a while around here, though today is the haziest yet. There have been a couple clear days but it was hazy on the Kickapoo last weekend also. This is shortly after sunrise on the 15th on a short overnighter on the Wisconsin.

Morning mists aren’t unusual but this was a pewter grey sky with a pinkish rose sun struggling to break through. Water mist spreads the red of sunrise, the red glow encompasses the horizon more widely.

Today I could just begin to smell smoke, though I’ll be the first to admit my sense of smell isn’t as acute as that of many. People with more normal sensitivities might find it unpleasant.

I guess trying to stay inside is not a bad idea, but our houses aren’t hermetically sealed. Mine especially - a 100 yr old farmhouse. I’m not convinced that it offers much protection from whatever nasty stuff may be contained in that smoke. But there it is. Nothing to do but live with it for a while. I think I’ll avoid any heavy duty aerobic activities till it clears again though.

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Air quality index here near Detroit is 235, not good. The sky was white even straight up. advice from is


Very Unhealthy

People with heart or lung disease, older adults, children and teens :

  • Avoid physical activities outdoors.

Everyone else:

  • Avoid strenuous outdoor activities.
  • Keep outdoor activities short.
  • Consider moving physical activities indoors or rescheduling them.

It’s what it is.

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Today in the dells, very hazy, even could smell it at times


When I started to smell the smoke in my home, I drove to town and purchased a HEPA air purifier. It cleared the smoke smell.


If its like this here, it has to be simply awful for those closer. Those who are fighting these fires and those who are about to deploy to do so deserve our highest level of respect. Looks like Woodland/Caribou is at pretty high risk. Pray for rain.


I am presently north of the current incoming, but cannot imagine how bad it was closer to NYC earlier. Albany was for a day as bad as any of these photos and the sunset looked like something out if a scifi film.

Even without major health vulnerabilities l was living on antihistamine for a day or so. Happily neither of the cats have vulnerabilities; some older pets were in very rough shape or it took them over the edge. I was at the vets office for an annual when one came in.

I take note of ground level ozone days and.mitigate my activity. Easier than taking meds for exercise induced asthma.

But the smoke from these fires is a whole further level of precaution.

It makes me realize that the atmosphere is another one of those things that I’ve been taking for granted. Lately I can tell that it’s affecting my mood. I thought it might be because I hate to miss any of the perfect days of summer in the midwest but after Googling the topic I see that the (toxic) soot particles may trigger a stress response. I think we’re supposed to wear masks outside but I doubt I could enjoy outdoor activites in hot/humid weather wearing a mask.

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Those with allergies are not doing well, but it’s not too bad in Maryland. Reminds me of a campfire.

Wood smoke is a health risk because the smoke particles and aerosols are small under 10 microns and go deep in the lungs. Some are under 2.5 microns and even worse.

In the West it is not new. Get in the habit of wearing a mask if you are exercising in it.

People don’t wear masks around the campfire, but it does look bad on the border.

No I’ll stop breathing till tomorrow. :laughing:

How many animals are being burned :sob::sob::sob:

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Unfortunately it’s a part of the tragedy of life and renewal. Can’t be stopped.

Sure, but people don’t sit around campfires all day and then sleep next to them all night.


We have a haze down here ( SC) and an air quality warning.
The Southeast is under a heat dome that is really bad in the states west of us. Although it feels slightly cool this morning, it didn’t take much play for Honey to be exhausted.