New Pakboat convertible SOT-SINK folder

I have no personal profit motive in publicizing Pakboat’s latest model, but I like their kayaks a lot (have owned 3) and think more people should know about them. And this new model is pretty unique.

I have the earlier and smaller Quest 135 and like it very much. This new version, the Quest 150, incorporates features of the older Quests and their Puffin “deck optional” models.

Besides being a seaworthy 15’ x 24" folding touring kayak with a 275 lb. capacity, the 150 can be set up either with the deck as a SINK or without as an SOT. Without the deck it weighs 27 lbs, and with the deck 31 lbs. The packed down boat goes into a duffel that can be checked as airline baggage. I haul my 135 in a rolling sports duffel that has enough room for my PFD, 4-piece paddle, sprayskirt, pump, float bags and paddle clothing and still comes in under 50 lbs. to avoid “excess baggage” fees. Anybody who’s rented kayaks at a travel destination knows what a cost and hassle it can be – taking a boat with you saves a lot of time and money.

Unlike novelty folding boats like the Oru kayak, Quests (like all Pakboat products) are rugged, have incredibly comfortable and adjustable inflatable seats with a back band, and they paddle so much like a similar sized hardshell that you can barely tell the difference. My 135 tracks just as well and nearly as fast as my plastic 15’ x 22" Venture Easky. Where I CAN tell the difference is when I get to the launch site and can carry the Pakboat with one hand and lift it onto my roof rack without any effort. It weighs less than three 2 x 4 x 8 wood studs.

Pakboat has even lowered the price from the previous models, under $1400. They’ll have them in stock to ship before Spring 2017.