New PeakUK PFD

Has anyone tried on or purchased one of these new PFDs? I think they started marketing them only last month. Check out

I tried on the Adventurer Vest at my local shop and it was quite comfortable. It is a pullover vest so it is a little awkward to put on, but it has no zipper in the front and therefore a very large pocket with a lot of room for VHF, flares, and other safety gear. Also, it has a large built in pocket on the back for a hydration bladder and (they say) parachute flares. On the downside there are no front and back lash tabs for a beacon and rescue knife. I’ve always used these lash tabs and don’t know another way to attach these things. Anyone have any ideas?

If is is hard to put on and take off the

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it isn't safe for a strainer filled river.

Paddlin' on

Peak Gear
The gear is quality. The pfd has attachment points. I guess it comes down to you like it or you don’t. VF

GK you’re a gas
i love how you chime in on these questions, LOL…

Peak PFD

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I've had a PeakUK PFD for 3 years and, when this one gets ready for being pool-only, I'll get another.

They are low profile and, as I'm a small, they fit well without the feeling that the PFD is bulky, which was my problem with Astral.

I have my night light slipped through the strapping along the shoulder straps. I don't use a knife but carry scissors in the pocket. What I especially like is that you can put a water bladder in the back pocket and run the tubing over and down through the strapping. The new ones that I saw in Georgia this year are an improvement over what I have now in this respect.

My only question with PEAKUK is if they're USCG approved. While I or anyone else hasn't had an issue with this, it might be for someone else.


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and i love a PFD with a back pocket....i tried to by a used one from Simon (cant remember his last name, a Brit coach who paddled around England) but he told me the USA requirements were beyond those of the PFD I tried to buy...forgot to mention it was by the same manufacturer link to above.

Simon Osborne…
…is Jeff Allen’s partner at Sea Kayak Cornwall.

My PEAKUK was made in the UK and has less flotation than the USCG requires. I don’t know if PEAKUS’s jackets will meet US requirements or not. As I said, I’ve never had a problem wearing my PEAKUK with any US coach nor have I run into any issues with the Coast Guard. I think they’re so happy to see you wearing a PFD that they’re probably not going to bother you about the flotation. However, I wouldn’t want to find out if it’s “illegal”, either.

yeah, thank’s for reminding me of his
name. He was one of the coaches in our 3* class. And I suppose you’re right that the CG simply likes to see water bearers wearing PFDs…I second the sentiment that the odds are quite small that they would check boyancy.

lash tabs
Don’t tell the Coast Guard, but here’s what I did: Take the PFD down to a seamstress and have them sew one on. On mine, sometimes they went through a pocket, sometimes they had to open it up. If you don’t have your own source of lash tabs, try Alder Creek. About $1 apiece.

Some Info
All the vest’s are under going a little over haul. Nothing to major just a few tweaks here and there They are looking great!

The adventurer vest comes in both a pull over style and a front zip.

We are not USGC approved. Although we are currently going under the new ISO program. It is a brand new for 2008 international standard for PFD’s. You now should be able to use a PeakUK in almost any country you paddle in! Unfortunately we are the very first company to undergo this new standard, and we are delayed in shipping out product because of this. We hope to have all PFD’s in stock next month.

If anyone has any questions at all, please let me know.


PeakUK US.

It’s nice to see the manufacturer
responding directly to these questions. Thanks Ken! I guess my question would be if your pfd’s are not USCG approved at this point have they been manufactured to meet the requirements of the USCG?

not completely true-white water paddlers
get stopped all the time by DEM/wildlife/state rec agencys to check their pfd’s…and get kicked off rivers and fined for european pfds since they are nto uscg…(even though they are then inland-go figure)

i have heard stories of CG checking pfds if they happen to be there when someone launches…


Good question
And to be honest I can not answer it. I am really not to up on my USGC regs. We have roughly 65-75 newtons of float. (15-16 pounds) I think the USGC is about 14.5 pounds on a type III. So we meet that no problem. The rest would be materials used, thread, foam, etc. I would think we would be well above the USGC standards.

All of our PFD’s are CE approved right now. I personally have had no problems ever with a river ranger. I actually paddle with one, and she uses our vests.



Thanks …
…Ken for replying to this. While I personally feel that the USCG has better things to do than checking to see if my PFD is approved in the US, one never knows. I have heard of people being stopped on the water and fined for not having the “right” PFD. However, I also know of some people who are involved with the USCGAuxillary who have badges etc sewn on their life jackets and have never been penalized…go figure.

Thanks for making a great product. I can fit all my “stuff” in the front pocket, a full Camelback bladder in the back and not look like the Michelin Man (or woman).

A friend of mine got a bunch of PeakUK
stuff recently and everything I’ve seen up close is top rate. I would easily consider them for any gear purchase. In fact, I think I’m going to buy their shorty drytop with the attachable neo sleeves. As the Guinness commercial goes, “brilliant!”


USCG min = 15.5lbs (~70N) for Type III