New Photos Central BC Coast

I just got back from two weeks on the Central BC Coast. I have added a few of the trip photos here:

Will add more as time allows.

We started in Klemtu and paddled north up Tolmie Channel to Meyers Passage.

Through Meyers to Laredo Sound and part way up Laredo Channel.

South to Higgins Passage and through Higgins to Milbanke Sound.

Crossing Milbanke we stayed at a Kayak Bill Camp on Dallas Island.

From Dallas we traveled south across Seaforth Channel through Gale Passage.

Leaving Thompson Bay we crossed to the McMullin Group and then crossed to Goose.

We paddled the outside of Goose rounding Duck and Gosling Islands stopping at Goose Anchorage. Kayak Bill’s final camp can be found here. BTW…anyone who tells you that the whole west coast of Goose is sandy beaches full of driftwood has not paddled the outside. While sandy beaches exist in a bay near the north end and at the very south end of Goose proper the outside is otherwise rugged and reef strewn. With textured water this is a committing paddle.

Crossing Queens Sound for Cultus Sound we were visited by a pair of humpbacks. I took no photos of the visit but it was a very close (paddle length) encounter.

From Cultus up Sans Peur Passage to Hunter Channel and Lama Passage ending in Shearwater.

A fabulous trip with great company. As usual the times when you want a POV photo the most is when you can least afford to take your hands off your paddle so the eddy hopping against the 3 kt. ebb in Tolmie Channel, the day trip up Laredo Channel, the crossing of Higgins Passage to Pidwell Reef, negotiating the rapids of Gale Passage, working through the reefs and reflected waves on the outside of McMullin, the long slog agaist the wind and current outside of Goose, and close encounters of the whale kind got no coverage. Maybe Dave and Greg got some phots here (their Optios are waterproof).

Thanks to:

Ned and Nan from Sedro Wooley who know every campsite and what tide level it will survive plus every source of fresh water on the coast.

Keith Webb for taking the time to provide us detailed information on Kayak Bill and his haunts (

John Kimintas for his advice on specific aspects of our route. (

Visit his web site. Buy his books!


Thank you!
I have many memories of that part of the world. I’m sitting here at work taking a break and thoroughly enjoyed the pics! Nice work with that Chatham seat BTW.

…and you know that…
…the photos don’t do it justice.

For whatever reason I thought that you were still somewhere in BC. Victoria, maybe. Guess not.

Great country and few folks go there. Seems that the Vancouver/Victoria crowd have so much cool stuff closer to home that many don’t travel north for a day and a night.

About the seat…my buddy with the Explorer has the “NDK Brotherhood of Pain” seat and he would be good for about 3 hours at a time before he had to get out and relieve his butt. I would just sit in my boat and wait for his pain to subside. After this trip I think he is ready to cut that cast of Nigel’s butt from his cockpit and carve up some foam.


I’m very near Victoria actually
and have paddled and boated that coast extensively. I love that area. If ever get the chance head up Cascade Inlet NE of Bella Bella. WOW!

for the memories, beautiful photos.

Got back Monday afternoon and will be buried in work (paid and volunteer) thru the weekend, but will post a trip report from Prince William Sound soon.