New Plastic Playboat

Check out this video.

Comments welcomed.

The link is here:

how did you add rocker

I want to see it at skooks, or at least surfing.

Looks a little bow heavy but other than that it’s pretty cool. You just need a saltwood paddle to go with it.

My reflection is that same orange color as the one in the vid. Great boat. I heard Sterling is back making boats in the new shop after the fire. Of course he’s got a backlog a mile long. The Progression mold is done. That’s the small version of the reflection.

I cut the hull up with a saber saw, removed a big sliver and re-welded the hull with a plastic welder. I used filler rods made from the material I cut out of the hull. It took two days to modify the hull.

I have two Sterling boats, a full-cut Reflection and a Grand Illusion. I’m a beginner just learning coastal paddling and I get surfed more than I surf but I have friends who will spend some time in the Deflection and I’m sure Sterling and Reg will know about my Frankenboat soon. There are more details I can share about the Deflection if you’re interested. Contact me privately.

The Deflection is to the Reflection as
A sample question from the recent SAT exams:

Deflection is to the Reflection as the ____ is to the Illusion

(answer: Delusion). :wink:

Looks cool! I think, compard to the Reflection, the Deflection has wider deck at the bow and stern, a bit more flare and less vertical chines on the side, and more of a built-in skeg at the rear. Would be interesting to see how that translates on the water (I would think it will limit the maneuverability a bit).

I had to call the boat something so I chose “Deflection”.

As for maneuverability the Deflection has less than my Reflection and it is 1-1/2’ shorter. It will be easy to further modify the stern for more rocker but we’re going to paddle it for a while first. The basic Tsunami 145 hull is what it is and I know it will get used more now than before its make-over. It was a fun project.

I post some surfing videos.

All I Can Say is

Naw. I can say more: I wonder how it compares to production 14 footers like the Alchemy and the Delphin.

I have paddle buddies with Alchemys and Delphins and soon Hammers. I’ll be interested to know that too.

I don’t ‘like’ anything
…but, I like your clever analogy.

And I Have to Add
very creative, imaginative, and good craftsmanship.