New product that could be useful

I bought 3 rolls of Rescue Tape at a boat festival today (attendees got the 3rd roll for the regular price of 2, plus the vendor paid the sales tax).

There’s an automotive application I already had in mind for it, and a little thought could come up with all kinds of other uses, including paddling-related ones. Check it out. No more sticky residue from duct tape, and it is waterproof. It makes a permanent seal to itself, so if/when you want to remove it you just cut it away (no glue left to remove).

Its very good stuff…
I’ve used it on a couple kayak trailers to secure the wiring looms to the frames. I always upgrade the wiring systems on new trailers when I get them in and this tape is one of my key ingredients. Holds very well and lasts.

Nice to see it becoming more widely available.

Wow looks like F-4 tape
Dear pikabike,

A long time ago when I was in the USAF we had a similar tape that we used on the radar system on F-4’s when we did wiring repairs.

I’ve been looking for it ever since. It’s great for wiring, grips on oars and axe handles, Tennessee rigged fishing rod handles, and many other things.

Thanks for posting the link.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

Cook pot handle
I wonder if this would work to wrap around a cookpot handle, claims 500 degree temp rating? It would be worth it to leave the weight of pot gripper behind on camping trips. Anyone try it?

Bought and tried some, and it didn’t
stick well to itself. Still have it, may try again.

Not for hole patching (needs to wrap)
Sems like it needs to wrap around itself as there is no adhesive.

So I don’t think you can patch a hole on a boat with it (at least not without some other sticky tape on top of this one to hold it in place).

its not a hole patch for flat surfaces - its not a sticky tape.

Its a fusion tape and needs to be stretched and wrapped tightly. Once the tape fuses together it cannot be unwrapped. Removal is done in the same manner one would cut off a piece of shrink tubing from an electrical cable.

I’m using the mil-spec tape and don’t know if it differs from the commercial version.

Tough to Wrap the Boat
I’m thinking Gorilla Tape is better for boat repairs

The silicon tape might be great for “other”

gear and outdoor repairs in emergency situations

I agree…
Gorilla tape is a super hole patch. I carry a few squares in my emergency kit. I pre-cut them and stick them to a piece of wax paper. Makes for easy carry with minimal bulk.

Do you prefer the mountain variety,
or the lowland?

Here in the Rockies…
we’re pretty much restricted to the mountain variety. The lowland version lacks high altitude adhesion.