New Pungo 120/ old style Console?

I wrote to Wilderness Systems asking if the old style Console (can be purchased online) would fit the “recently redesigned” 2020 Pungo series. Due to current conditions, they are busy building up their inventory. Maybe just the Pungo hull has been changed but is the comb the same? I found the discontinued console more useful for my purposes (sold it with my Pungo 140) - if there were a design similar to the Loon 126 console, that would be ideal. Lever locks to the comb and the hatch compartment is large enough for a camera.

I never understood the Pungo console. You buy a kayak with a huge cockpit, then add a console to make it smaller. Why not just buy a kayak with a smaller cockpit?

Even with the console there is plenty of room for camera or fishing gear. I had a Tsunami 125 for one season and it had no space for my camera + 70-200mm nor fishing gear. I mounted a fishing rod holder on the old style console (can’t do that to a Tsunami) and the console had a compartment to store a few items. On the Pungo 140 version, I used a half milk crate behind the seat to store tackle, knives, lunch … and a Trader Joe’s insulated lunch bag, under the console for ice, bait, fish,etc.

There are times Pungo owners cannot use the console, such as when bringing along a small child or canine passenger.
I found the old console handy for my activities and in calm conditions, it also reduced the amount of water than came over the bow and inside the cockpit. (I blocked the drain holes of the open compartments with duck tape)

Where are you located? When we bought our (non-Pungo) kayaks 4 years ago, my wife purchased a Pungo console for hers. It fit on her boat, but since her cockpit is much smaller than the Pungo, she ended up not liking it, and only used it once. We’d be willing to let it go for cheap, but shipping it would likely cost a bit.

Thank you…I found someone from my area who will let me try his console (not for sale) on my
my Pungo - I’m located in NH. Years ago I used the console to mount a small rod holder for freshwater and my own homemade plywood deck with a rod holder that held a 43" striper.
_DSC1797 !

This was mounted on my original orange Pungo 140


So you got a newer dashboard to fit on the older cockpit. About what year is the boat? I can get a REALLY good deal on a 2005ish Pungo 120. It didn’t come with a dashboard but I know I want one. So I need to know if the current available dashboard will fit a 2005 boat.

I have a 2020 Pungo and use the previous version Konsole or deck…I am not sure if the combing dimensions changed from 2005 to 2017 (the year of my paddling buddy’s Pungo 120 that came with the same version that I purchased on Amazon instead of the latest version) The cord of the older one is easier to attach than the snap-on design of the latest version. Just my opinion.