New Pungos have a front bulkhead?

Been shopping for my first kayak. Was at my local store tonight looking at the Pungos and Tsunamis, and noticed that the 140 that they had on the rack had a front bulkhead in addition to the rear. Anyone know if this is a new feature that’s not reflected on their website or just some oddball? Hadn’t heard anything about it.



I’ve been told…
that the front bulkhead was a 2009 upgrade, but hadn’t seen it as I hadn’t looked that closely in a while. You’re right that it isn’t reflected on the website.

I’ve seen it in the 2010s…
… consistently. Don’t recall seeing them last year, but we might not have gotten new boats out at the lake.

A lot of Wildy’s boats recieved bulkhead upgrades for 2010. Pretty sure the Pungo 140 was in the mix.

All have bulkheads now
If it has a hatch, it has a bulkhead as of 2010. The one exception is for the smaller Tsunami’s with three hatches, still only the two bulkheads.

That must be…
…the “expedition” version. :wink:

Of course…
For circumnavigating Africa with my ziploc full of “Eskimo Rolls”… :slight_smile:

you know…
Since Wildy is putting a forward bulkhead in as standard you won’t need to carry extra ziplocks and without these you will not be prepared for left overs!

yes it’s true. We now install a b/h if there’s a hatch, except on Ts135-140-145.