New Purchase

I just purchased a pair of the Aqua Lung 12ft. Fish and Dive Kayaks from Dicks Sporting Goods today, and wanted to know if anyone has any knowledge of these. I understand they were manufactured by Riot, but can’t find much info. They were on sale today for $399, so for a seemingly well built boat with nice features including a rudder package I think I did OK for a couple of first timers. I have been shopping for a while, and these seem to have most of the features I’ve been looking for at an amazing price…anyone have some input for me about these? Thanks

Kayak classes…
Now all you need is a kayak class to learn how to

properly paddle, understand boat characteristics, etc.

Classes etc.
Thanks for the reply, the wife and I plan on doing just that. We have some great local outfitters who hold beginners classes regularly at our local lake and we are looking forward to getting into the sport!

Or just go paddle
The water temps are about to be warm enough that it’s not a big deal to tip over. Get out on a lake or slow river and give em a good test drive.

Also, don’t cheap out on the live vest and paddle. They make a lot more of a difference than the kayak. Maybe hook up with a local canoe club or paddling group so you can learn from others who share the same interests.