New Pyranha Down River "Speeder"

Here is an update on the New Down River “Speeder” from Pyranha -

in the News…

Sort of brings back fond memories of my old Prijon Down-River race kayak. Likely alot more stable though.

Do you know of any dealers who’ll be stocking these in BC Canada? Would like to take one for a spin someday.


you might try:
Sea to Sky Kayaks in North Vancouver or Aquabatics in Alta, both have websites and seem to carry Pyranha.

I’ll have to check them out sometime. I’m in the BC Interior so it would be a fun little river boat to have around in addition to my longer, faster boats.


Looks like Pyrahna’s take on the Prijon Beluga. a boat i always wanted to try because i like the idea of a quick 14 footer

Fast - Stable
looks very fast - and more stable than a wavehopper…

nice for a weekend trip down the river…