New question/thread re tie downs

New canoe owner, just put two tie downs under my hood. I’m worried about melting the webbing and gumming up the engine when they’re “tucked in.” Anyone had issues with this? Check my work (See images)?


I use rope, a loop tied on each side. Makes for some funny comments but never had heat be an issue.

Your set-up looks fine. I’ve never had a hint of melting on any vehicle and I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Have a similar set up on both my cars and have helped many others do the same. You should be good to go assuming your loops are not too long.

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another choir member here. Never had a meltdown from that in 30 years. Other meltdowns yes


Welcome to the neighborhood. You’re good to go.

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Definitely concur, you’ll be fine! My mother-in-law recently purchased some tie-downs that similarly attach under the hood and while I was initially skeptical, they will solve some problems for some users.