New River canoe

I’m looking for info on how to locate New River canoe(s). Mine was stolen over 15 years ago, and I loved its lightness and speed. It would be nice if I could also find out an address or URL for the manufacturer.

Try this…
If you’re looking for the outfit in Virginia, try New River Canoe Mfg., Independence, VA 24348. (276)773-3124. I don’t have the street address, but Independence is a small town, and I would think that this address alone, or “General Delivery”, would suffice. They are on the main street through town, but I’m not sure if it is “Main Street” or not. They’re only about an hour from my home, and build beautiful boats. Good luck! Take care, Regan

They build beautiful canoes and still do
I can’t think of the owners last name, but his first name is Ruell. I believe it is Hurilliton or something like that.

Yes they are located in Independence.

If you still can’t locate them, contact the Ashe County 4-h extension agency in Ashe County, NC, and ask for Julie, or Walnut Hill Crafts in Jefferson and ask for Barbara.

He is one of the sponsors of the New River Canoe Race.

He used to bring a couple of trailers loaded with various models, and then let anyone who didn’t have a canoe borrow one to race in.



New River Canoes
Are these whitewater canoes? Could you give more info? Sounds interesting.

The ones that I have seen are…
…flat water, and are real nice canoes.

The price is lower, (or at least used to be) than any other of the big name canoes.