New River Grill

Help!! I’m trying to order a large grill from this company and can’t even email em to order it!

Does anyone know if they are still in business? I need this soon as I will be going bikecamping shortly and can’t bring my larger,heavier grill with me on my bike.

It appears to be the best solution for now for making food-LOVE my grilled food!

I googled them and came up with
this link for contact-but they don’t show any phone numbers just emails-are they not working?

Hope these work for you!


Not that it matters…
but I have a similar grill that you take apart and is kept in a tube. I got it from REI. It is quite heavy though. Just an idea.

Anybody have this one?

That and the firebowl (, looks like a nice set up. Anyone use it?


The fire bowl
works great with the grill that comes in a tube. Both are sold at REI. I don’t find it too heavy for the pleasure of grilled food in the great outdoors.


have you seen

Can ya get the link to that grill Jack?
I have a feeling they are not in business…new river grill that is…I REALLY need this grill thing for my bike!

Check with Pnet Brent
Seems they are a web sponser for this site!


The page cannot be found
The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

re: Campmor
has a folding backpacker grill (12"x 6") that is a lot cheaper and lighter @16oz.

Have you considered the EGG…
It’s a great grill…you can also smoke meats in it.

I have one and it just fits in my rear hatch (QCC700) :]

Well…she did say LARGE grill…
That pretty much fits the bill.

Frankly for on the river–I take a little light wire rack from an old portbable propane grill. Stick it on some rocks or dig a hole for the charcoal and put it on the ground if no rocks are available.

That won’t work too well for
a motorcycle…

I may have to do just that
Sloop! I’ll go shopping for a narrow rack.Thanks!

I picked up a single lightweight
heavy duty metal grill rack and will place it on stones to raise it up, then use charcoal underneath…it will sit on the bottom of my clothes bag…

EZ Roll up grill

I rolls out, you turn it over and it’s solid…when you are done flip it over and it rolls up into a round roll like a sleeping pad…

comes in two sizes…

That’s the one I have
It’s on the heavy side but sturdy and very well made.