New River Guidebook

A buddy is planning a long canoe trip on the New River from Radford to the WV line. Does anyone have a suggestion for a book that includes maps and descriptions of this section of river that would be useful for him in planning the trip?

  • Big D

The New River Guide
by Bruce Ingram is an excellent resource. It’s written for fishermen, but the distances and shuttle directions are useful, and his descriptions of the rapids are handy to have along.

Another interesting book to read about the New River community is Noah Adam’s, “Far Appalachia; Following the New River North”. It’s not a guide book but a very interesting account of his journey the length of the New from North Carolina to the Kanawa River in West Virginia.

Both are available from


I’m fishing with the guy tomorrow evening. I’ll be sure and mention both books to him. Far Appalachia sounds interesting enough that I may order a copy for myself.

  • Big D