New River Hinton to Thurmond

Anyone run the New River from Hinton to Thurmond (not the IV-V section below Thurmond) in an open canoe? I have one boat I know can handle it, but am wondering if my 17’ Old Towns would be appropriate.


Open canoes okay
Here’s the gauge for the Upper New River Gorge, at 3.5 the trip is excellent, plenty of excellent scenery, good whitewater, lots of pools, hundreds of campign sites, ideal for river tripping. An open canoe will be just fine, have a safe trip and have fun.

We’ll be going from Glade Creek to Thurmond next weekend. I hope the water level holds. Last time we ran this river at 1.5 feet and it was less exciting than the time before when I ran it at 6’. The current level will be ideal.

The National Geographic Trails llustrated Map of the New River Gorge National River is an excellent guide. It shows all the named rapids and access roads and canoe ramps.

If you need specific information just let me know. We use Frank’s Bait Shop in Glen Jean as our shuttle driver.

New River Hinton to Thurmond
Great! Thanks alot for the info. Enjoy next weekend’s trip. We’re hoping to go towards the end of July.

oops, I forgot the link

That’s the Hinton gauge and it covers all the way to Cunard. I forgot to also mention the on river camping is superb and the fishing is even better. Y’all have a good time.