New River State Park Virginia

has any one paddled/floated the New River near Wytheville,Virginia…just discovered this state park, 57 mile long linear park that looks most devoted to cyclists but was wondering if we should take a kayak and what king (plastic or composite) for a paddle.

New River
I live near the mighty New River. I has many personalities. We are taking our first camping trip this year just across the VA/NC state line to where the North Fork & South Fork come together to form the New. It is pretty slow flow from that point and through most of VA. There are lots of ledges and rock gardens when low. & some class I thru III rapids scattered about. It is damed at the Clater Lake where there is another State Park. It then then flows into WV (yes, this river flows North & is the second oldest river in the world) where it is dammed a few more times. There is world class whitewater during scheduled dam releases. The New River State Park is in NC sections & VA has its section as well. This Park has several primitive campsites along the river. You can also check out the Foster Falls Park area. I would recommend poly boats for this river, as there are shallow shoals at times when the river is not swollen. Be safe on this river, as there are places with strong undercurrents which commonly catch fishermen by surprise, so be sure to wear your PFD’s. Let me know when you are coming down if you want company. Here are some links to help plan your trip.

About the New River

About the New River Trail State Park

New River Put-ins

Claytor Lake & Camping
First, C.M. is right, it is Claytor Lake. Always been a bad speller. LOL

Second, camping; I have stayed at this private campground when I took a camping trip & invited my parents to go with us (wife made me ask, LOL). It is small, and has two Teepees you can rent (had to make it easy far my folks) which my kids enjoyed. You can also tent camp & RV camp. It is after Foster Falls & before Claytor Lake. Nice people.

There are also the primitive spots in the New River Trail State Park section & a nice State Park on the Claytor Lake, but there is a lot of motorboat traffic on the lake.