New row boater

Hello all

First think I am new to the paddle or row boat community.

I have a 17’ row boat. Similar to a guide boat or just a little wider then a canoe. I am trying to find some nice calm location to get some experience with my new boat. It is on a trailer. And at 150 pounds it may be just to heavy to carry to a launch site.

Any information would be great.

You are

Located in Fort Mill SC. Sorry

One Idea
Across the top of this page are a bunch of topics. Click the one called “Go Paddling”, and then the launch-site map. There may be lots of options shown in your area, with descriptions by people who have been there.

Lake Wylie

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We used to launch our kayaks at the boat ramp that was adjacent to the Buster Boyd Bridge.
I believe that is route 49.
That was about thirty years ago. It might still be there - check it out

Also, check out Cane Creek Park in Union County, NC.
There is a small lake where we paddled several times.
It is just over the border in NC not far from Fort Mill

Jack L