New satellite cell phones coming

According to this article, satellite cell phones for dead zones in North America will be available soon with another company joining in after that.

That would be cool to see sat phone become more available. I’m considering getting one for an up coming paddle.

the simpler, less complicated (and obviously cheaper) the better. It would be so nice to have your cell be an actual signal everywhere satphone. I once saw a fire burning on a mountaintop (turned out to be planned burn but still) and was frantic to report it but of course…no signal.

There still will be places where you
will have no signal.

If you have used a SAT phone in remote areas you know how cover and geography still limits signals. The article does refer to that.

And Globalstar has not been the most reliable. Its taken me several hours to get a signal. They have not put the money into maintaining satellites. Iridium is now in a financial mess.

A system is only as good as its satellites.

cell phone is pretty much worthless in the mountains… just got back from a trip and didn’t have a signal the entire time…

looks promising actually
I read about this and it may actually be an advancement. Due out in a couple of months.