New seat drop trial...

OK… new seat is here. High tech line on the way.

Instead of solid drops, has anyone tried hanging a seat from line?? an X pattern at each side. The seat would be height adjustable by re-tying. When kneeling, no foot entrapment issues.

I have the solid drop for the seat, thought I would give this a shot before installing it. The seat shouldn’t swing much, foam pad the ends and the X ties on the ends will keep the fore/aft movement to a minimum. I am using low stretch, very high tensile strength line.

Any thoughts??

I think it would not work
I think it would slip and wiggle all over the place. Back and fourth and side to side. Maybe a box with grippy rubber on the bottom like rowers used would be better to sit on?

Any movement of the seat
…and there will be plenty, will reduce the force transfered to forward movement. Don’t think it’s a good idea.

Not so sure
Not so sure it would work, but if you want to spend the time why not give it a try.

But really Sloop, you may want to spend more time actually in the water IN the canoe instead of tinkering WITH the canoe :slight_smile:

You should try it.
I love learning by doing. Some of my experiments fail, but many work out well. Better to prove to yourself one way or another!


doing my best to get to that point!! A few more obstacles to get out of the way first… then learning to NOT fall asleep while in the boat :slight_smile:

This might work
I use extra long temperary seat bolts with wing nuts and take an assortment of spacers to try when deciding on seat hight/angle. It works well enough that it could be a perminant thing if you wanted adjustable in the field.-it does look a little funky. The bolts can be plain cheap steel or even threaded rod. I then make perminant drops when I find the right heigth.


Well I wasn’t going to mention it but since you brought it up, maybe want to add a seat belt to that rig :slight_smile: