New Seat for a Bell Rob Roy 15

I bought a used Rob Roy 15 last year. It is a great boat, but the previous owner destroyed the seat and Bell no longer sells them. I’d like a seat one inch thicker as well so my hands clear the gunnels a bit better. Any thoughts?

Contact Swift Canoe and Kayak!High Back Seat with Lumbar Support/zoom/cn9r/c1nam

Or Placid Boatworks.

Look into

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Look into Making your own seat out of closed cell foam. Easy to shape with a drill with wire wheel and you can make anything that you want.

Check out Redfish Kayaks web sight for foam and a video about shaping seats.

Also several videos on YouTube.

Orca boats is a good resource, they have a very good instructional video as well.

Very easy,

Replacement Seat
Neither Swift not Placid purvey their proprietary seats for other brands, for obvious reasons. Why would any top-end builder up-scale a competitor’s product for small change? BMW does not sell drop in seats to fit Fords.

The Original Bell molded foam seat for the RobRoy was the hot seat from Surf to Summit. I can’t seem to raise the company’e web site, but Amazon sells the Hot Seat for $30, Chesapeake Light Craft the Hot Seat Grande for $40. There are several sources for thick foam to use as a seat riser, including North Shore Industries.

Rob Roy seat
I have one of the originals with very few river miles that would be available. You could easily laminate more foam on the bottom to your desired thickness.