New Seat for an Old boat

OK, so I JUST learned how to CORRECTLY install the seat in my SOT (no, I don’t get out much). As a result, i find that I no longer desire to tolerate the self-destructing seat in the Dirigo and want to replace it with something a little sturdier, durable and more comfortable. I don’t want to spend a TON of dough on this, the SOT is my principal boat, and have no idea weather this is something I can DIY or do I need to bring the boat to a paddling shop or what? Any suggestions or advice would be welcome!

i have a tandem dirigo
I assume the seats are the same. They are awful. I put seats from a tandem loon in mine, with a little rigging. I would consider just cutting that back rest portion off and sitting just in the seat bottom.

Ryan L.

it’s not the back
it’s the bottom! it falls out of the mount all the time. I have been “just dealing with it” because my OTHER seat was messed up too, so I didn’t realize how WRONG it was.

Side note: how do you like your tandem? I was thinking about getting one for my wife and I and getting rid of the 140.

its fine
I don’t use it much anymore. My parents use it now. I would want something totally different now, but for a rec tandem, its ok. Needs the rudder option.

Ryan L.