New seat in Tampico 135S

Bought this great boat 5 weeks ago off of craigslist:

Been out every weekend and simply love the boat. It tracks well, is very responsive, light and easy to handle out of the water, a great first boat for me.

My only issue is with the seat. After an hour of paddling I get very sharp pains in my low back. Now if I get out, stand up and stretch for a minute I’m fine. And I’m always fiddling with the seat, trying to adjust it while in the water. My thinking is its time for a new seat back.

Any recommendations or words of caution?



New Seat or Backrest?
Hurricane changed the seats a couple years ago; they have some adjustment and are padded both bottom and backrest or try one of these:

Have you tried

…not using the back rest? Seriously try sitting up straight without using the back rest. I never use mine.

Paddlin’ on


Had the same problem
Usually if you move the seat back forward it will take care of the problem . . . did for me!

Stretch before you paddle,esp. your
hamstrings.Ditto what Richard said. Sit up so that your torso is at ~ 95-100 degrees toward the bow.Use the backrest when you aren’t paddling.

Get a canoe. The issue is your legs. Ever try sitting against a wall for an hour with your legs more or les straight?

Okay, I’m intrigued. Planning a trip for this saturday and will let my partner keep an eye on me to check my posture.

I’ve wondered if my issues are more due to the pressure of the backrest on my low back WHILE paddling causing the pain, what you good folks are mentioning may be reinforcing that.

Now I may need to replace it, but with a more adjustable one; this one is stock and doesn’t move— at all.