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Well I returned my Tsunami 125 today to LL Bean. Both areas under the hatch leaked badly. They would have replaced the boat but I decided to wait and select another yak. I was planning on getting a Pungo but now am second guessing. I want something for calm rivers and lakes mostly. Plan on doing some paddling and definitely fishing. I looked at both the Loon 138 and the Dirago 106 and a 120. Any others I should look at. How is the seat in the Old Towns. I really did likethe phase 3 seat in the WS. One thing I did not like about the Tsunami was that it turned like a 18 wheeler.

The 138 is a truck to turn, but tracks
true. Whether calm or in a wind, I’ve never seen a need for a rudder with it. Neither the Dirigo or Loon are going to be as fast as the Tusnami. Both are build for stability and have a ton of it. Both are good fishing craft. The Loon can be found easier for sale used, the Dirigo hasn’t built up a back log of used ones yet. The flat stern deck with hatch on the Dirigo is nice. Either makes ;a good fishing platform and it becomes a mere matter of preference, can’t go wrong either way.

The WS Pamilico is a well though of rec fishing kayak, as is the Pungo. I’d give the edge to the Pamilico, though again, you can’t go wrong with either. S. River Rat can give you more info about the handling of the shorter Loon, though I would bet it turns easily.

Loon 111 looks good.
Actually read some great reviews on the Loon 111. Sounds like a neat little boat. I would prefer a smaller boat that still has room for a days fishing gear. I will use it mostly for tidal crreks and rivers in the Chesapeake Bay area. Looked at the Dirigo last night. Wnder how it compares to the Loon 111.

I Love my pungo 120

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for fishing and fun, phase 3 seat is like a lazy boy and cockpit has plenty of room.. slight vee hull allows for great tracking and turns very easy.. the pamlico has a flatter bottom I picked the Pungo over the pamlico because of the vee ,, I use it for lakes and rivers.. When I was shopping , I looked at the Dirigo, but after test paddling, I chose the Pungo.. much lighter and paddled better.. lighter is better especially when car topping..
you might want to look at another post here to see (rigging a Pungo) the website also shows a loon rigged for fishing..

TONS to look at
I got my first look at the 2007 Perceptions tonight. WHAT A COOL SEAT DESIGN!!! I looked at a 10’ model, but I don’t recall what it was named. The hull looked a lot like the Sparky hull, but it had a bulkhead to seal off the rear hatch area (nice) and it had a very nice seat, and it had foot pegs adjustable from the seated position (nice). The cockpit was about seven miles long, so it may be tough to find a nylon skirt and impossible to find a neo skirt.

I like the Dagger Blackwaters too. Real nice boats, come in three sizes 10.5, 11.5 and 12.5. These are very good all-around boats for fishing. They’ve got a drop down skeg. Drop it down for tracking and straight line speed, pull it up for maneuverability. Skeg is controlled from the cockpit. You’d have a hard time coming up with a better fishing boat than a Dagger Blackwater.

In addition to the Pungo, you may want to try a Pamlico. The Pamlicos are about the same size, but they don’t have the hard chines, so they’re not as squirrelly in current. Pungos aren’t really all that squirrelly, but when those hard chines activate in a current seam it can have some unusual results. Not so in the Pamlico. Lake fishing, not so much of an issue.

Just tons of boats out there.

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sik boat
People down at Appomatox talked about the Preception Prodigy. When you look at it it looks like the Pungo. Seat is very similar also. Planning on going down to the Richmond Boat show over the weekend and check them all off.

Could it be that there are similarities
because both companies are now owned by Confluence and there’s been a lot of crossover influence?

For the Dirigo, the most positive
change I see is that flat stern deck. The 111 has a bit of rise in it from the sides. The flat deck allows for better carrying of stuff. I’ve a Necky Sky in addition to my Loon 138, the flat deck comes in handy when carrying things like a bait bucket or small cooler. Though, I’ve remedied that a bit with the Loon. I’ve installed padeyes and bungee down a low sided coke crate to the deck. The crate is one of those they use for 20oz six packs. Some may like the rod holders and the few other little accesories on the Dirigo. Those are fine, but I’d as soon rig my kayak for my style of fishing.

Well I went with
then Pungo 120. I went to the Richmond boat show last weekend and me twith the Rep for Appomatux River and Confluence. Looked at the Perception and WS boats. After talking to them and looking at the differences decided on the Pungo 120. Quality of the boat is very good. Haul looks clean and the bulk heading looked so much better than the one I had in the Tsunami. Looking forward to rigging it out. Will probably have Appomattux do some of the installation.

Fishing from a Loon 120

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I have a Loon 120. I have it set up for fishing. I have two rod holders in front of me and can angle the rods so that they do no interfere with paddling.
I troll a lot in the Susquehanna and lakes in Pennsylvania. The 120 handles very well and really enjoy fishing out of it.

Appomattox River Company
Great company. They’re the largest for a reason, because they treat their customers well and they have competitive prices.

Good choice on boats. I personally prefer the Pamlico to the Pungo, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Pungo. My brother and brother-in-law both paddle them and are completely satisfied. Well, with the Pungo anyway.

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rpuerzer What type of
Holders did you use. Do you paddle backwards when trolling. I am not far from the Susky and would love to come up a do some fishing in that river.

Scotty or RAM
I’d recommend the Scotty rod-holders. Get the smaller size - I think they call it a Baitcaster holder, but it holds both baitcaster and spinning rods. They have a different holder for fly rods, but it’s the same base.

RAM mounts are also good and highly adjustable. I just don’t have any personal experience with them. I just installed one on one of my larger kayaks, but I’ve only had it out once since installing it.

Stay away from the Berkeley rod holders. I have seen two rods STILL IN THE HOLDER sink to the depths. The holder pops out of the base and you’re out of a combo.

With the Scotty (and maybe the RAM) you can rig a little extra protection by putting small screw eyes (or bolt eyes) in the base and then run one of those micro bungees around the rod holder and back to the base. I’ve seen guys entirely engulf their 'yaks in rapids with that setup and not lose their rods.

For fishing the Susqy, I’d also recommend staying away from the kind of rod holder that is basically a tube sunk deep into the kayak in which the rod sits. The rods sit up high and can create a situation for you when you paddle under overhanging branches. Not good. They’re OK for wide-open paddling applications, but not so much for something like the Susqy where you may want to be pounding the banks with a grub and then have your spare rod get hung up in a branch.

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Rod holders

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I used the Scott holders with the flush mount. No, I don't row backwards. I have the view of the rod tips which is enough for me to evaluate the lure action and strikes. If you take your time and set the holders up you will have no clearance problems.

I caught two muskie one day last year trolling muskie plugs. They were 36"and 34". had a lot of fun.

I’ve a 138, have two Scotty flush mounts
and do drift fish backwards, it similar to trolling, except I let the wind and current, if any, do the job, just using correction strokes from time to time. The Scotties are the way to go unless you can spend the bucks for Ram rod holders…marginally better as rod holders, but a more verastile mounting system.

As far as
SIS yak’s go I like the WS Pungo’s/Pamlico’s though I much prefer SOT’s for fishing.I use both RAM and Scotty rod holder’s and they each have their point’s.I prefer the Scotty’s if mounted behind me and RAM’s up front.Good luck!

I was looking at the kayaks and canoes at the LL bean store in Elseworth Maine when the salesman came up and we started talking. One thing he said that I did not know is that “All kayaks and canoes we have are seconds.” Just thought I’d pass that along.

Not such a bad thing
You can get very good prices on seconds. Be careful to inspect it and see what makes it a “second”. Sometimes it’s as simple as a wrinkle on a sticker. Sometimes it’s more serious.

I find it surprising that L.L. Bean would carry only seconds. I spent enough time in retail to know how salesmen sometimes get their information - second and third hand from unreliable sources. They then pass that along as if it’s gospel. Not saying what the guy told you isn’t true, but I am saying that it’s worth confirming from a second source (and not just another sales guy at that store who talked to the first sales guy at that store).

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I have been dealing with
LL Bean for many years and do not believe they would sell you a second anything without notifying you.

Really looking forward to rigging up the boat. $$ is not an issue I am going to rig it up with what ever will work best. I felt pretty comfortable with the rigging they do at Appomatux River. Right now I am looking at going with two flush mounts in the back and one ram/scotty up front. Anchor system and paddle holder.

Ellsworth store

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The LL Bean store in Ellsworth is a factory outlet store. Everything there is a second, something the main store could not sell or a returned item. I found a deal on Chota boots there as well as a BB wood kayak paddle and a fly rod. You will not find seconds at the main store in Freeport nor in their catalog sales. Everything they sell has a 100% money back guarantee, even stuff from the outlet. Just to clarify the above post.