New Skin on Frame III

OK, I’ll join the party - I just finished building an SC-1 (SOF interpretation of the Coaster) at Cape Falcon out in Manzanita. Brian was great, and got us from a pile sticks to the water in 7 days. Some had no wood working experience at all. I’m now waiting for the boat to be shipped back to NYC. Apparently there isn’t a lot of interest in the SC-1 back east, but I have to say I loved the boat for the short time we had it in Nehalem Bay on the last day of class. If anyone in the NYC area is interested, I could be persuaded to show it off. Here’s some construction photos:


Those look like great little boats!

I want one.


I also want a rockhopper! wonder if I could make something like that?


Brian is a Hoot
I built a Sisimuit last Sept with him in Essex MA and it was a real treat. If I make it up to NYC with my boat I will look you up for a paddle and we can compare notes.

Rockhopper would translate to SOF OK

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Trouble would be finding one to borrow...

Even though doing something like this for your own (non-commercial) use doesn't violoate any IP rights - I'd still want to do enough modification to make it a unique design that's "inspired by" rather than taken from - though just doing it SOF would take care of a good bit of that.

Sounds good
you’re welcome to put it through the paces, but don’t expect me to squeeze myself into one of those narrow skin-coffins you guys call Greenland kayaks. Half an hour with my legs dead flat and they’re just, well, dead. The only way I could get out of one would be to capsize, which I’m sure wouldn’t be a problem at all. Did I mention rampant claustrophobia? My SC-1 is scheduled to show up in NYC on Tuesday - hope it’s still seaworthy after shipping.


skin coffins???

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Actually that is pretty funny. So if I have a heart attack or get stabbed by a 8 ft catfish barb, you could just set it on fire and I could drift off into the night blazing away. Save on cremation, casket, stupid funeral arrangements, and I get to feed the catfish.