New Sleeping Bag

I am looking for an inexpensive synthetic bag. I need something for Spring-Fall and I will invest a little more this Winter for a nice down bag.

I want a comfortable bag, preferrably mummy style, but it has to pack up small so it will fit in my hatches. Any suggestions?



just about anything out there

My first synthetic (my first sleeping bag in any fashion) was a small +20°F Marmot Wizard that is now my car camping bag. Comfy, made well, bought as a clearance I think on SierraTradingPost and has survived the times.

If you can get the sleeping bag to fit in the hatch stuffed, you can always use a compression sack or you could always stuff the bag with the sack in the hatch as a last resort…


Big Agnes Encampment +15
I bought mine on sale at REI for $90.

I agree that just about anything would meet the needs you stated. Just make sure it fits, stuffing a big’un into a small bag isn’t fun and a small’un into a big bag is worthless.

I got web specials on the last two bags I bought (for the fiance and her boy) at …you can usually find good deals there.



Mountain Hardwear Lamina series
bags are very nice and pack small. I don’t know if they fit your definition of inexpensive though.

new bag
Just get the most expensive bag out there… LOL Hi eveyone!

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I just may do that…
Been good. Doin’ alot of camping & work. My youngest daughter is 14 months & climbing & talking, so I have been busy.


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Right now I’m racked and packed, so I’m doing great.

Hey you might consider being a kind of foster-parent here to a young pnet kayaker. He could use a little coffee boot camp.

North Face Aluetian
Reg (up to 6’)= $79

Large (6’+) = $89

fairly small package with the compression stuffsack included

I’ll put up a sign up sheet…
Packed up my stuff the other ight for a weekend paddle. Ditched the Hennesey though…lol

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I am 6 ft. tall
Will an 86" bag be too long? That will be an extra ft.

I found a nice Marmot bag but it is only 6 ft long. I would have a problem fitting, you think?

I love my Montbells, (yes, I have more than one). You can get them in the long version, they are great mummy bags with elasticized stitching so that you can move in them without feeling constricted.


Most sleeping bags listed as “short” would be 5’6", most regular would be 6’ and a “long” would be 6’6".

If possible, also check the girth at the shoulders and know if you are a tosser and turner. mummy bags, tapered at the feet tend to be narrower than perhaps the rectangular sleeping bags of old. Get the measurements and see if you think it will agree with you, assuming you can try it in person.

In winter, you will want more space so you can stuff things inside so they dont freeze, but this probably doesn’t pertain to kayaking except for perhaps early spring/late fall overnight trips.


One very nice aspect of a longer bag is
that you can stick your boots in a stuff sack and put 'em in the foot of your bag. VERY nice to put on boots that are actually WARM when you put 'em on in the morning! And you can always sinch up the footbox with a strap or cord to decrease the volume or length, leaving less air to heat. I’ve been stuffing my boots in the foot area for years on winter trips, and they are always warm in the morning. Nothing worse than putting on cold boots first thing you wake up.

Marmot pounder
Great quality, light, synthetic, packs tiny, not too expensive, works great for kayaking in most temps where the water is still liquid.

Best Low Cost Synthetic Bag

The standard for synthetic bags for the past eight to ten years is The North Face Cat’s Meow 20 degree bag. Price$159 Delta Filling

Here are some other choices in the 20 degree


l. Kelty Light Year 3D Polyguard $150.

2. Marmot Trestles 15 Proprietary $100.

3. Mountain Hardware Lamina 15 $130.

4. REI Polar Pod 20 Proprietary $79.

When you go looking for that down bag I suggest you go with either a Marmot or Western Mountaineering Bag. Western Mountaineering produces the lightest bags vs warmth in the industry. You pay premium prices but they are hot cut, 850 fill down bags made in San Jose, Ca. not in China. Marmot makes great 600 fill bags which won’t break your bank. I use a Sawtooth Extra Large Long bag rated to 15. The Pinnacle Model is weather resistant 800 Down 15 degree in the mid price range.

Over the years I have used many different bags including the first synthetic bags made by Snow Lion Co. in Berkerly, Ca way back in the late 60’s. If you want a custom down bag try “The Down Works” in Santa Cruz, Ca.

I have a Slumberjack Odyssey, rated at 10*, carry weight 3lbs 5oz, packed 7.5"x12", paid $59 on sale. I spent almost 90 days in this bag last year alone, not bad for for the price.

With my dividend and the sale going on I picked this up for $86:

My buddy said it was the good stuff.