New sng sot kit available .....

Just saw a posting on regarding a new sot being sold by CLC. Interestingly enough, Nick Schade is now doing some collaborative work with CLC just like his brother Eric (Shearwater Series). I couldn’t think of anything that CLC could have done that would improve their design options than to bring in the Schade brothers…good for them!


Plastic SOT’s are " aesthetically pleasing as a dog toy"

Intresting sales pitch, isn’t it?

I suppose they don’t like poly or composite sinks, either.

Its not really a matter
of like or dislike. As stated, its a matter of aesthetics. And no, plastic cannot compete in that venue be it SINK of SOT.

The finest manufactured composite kayak cannot compete against a well done wood core boat either - when it comes to aesthetics. Performance is a completely different story.

I own plastic, manufactured composite, and self built cedar strip. They all have their purpose and their strengths. But if aesthetics are the primary criteria then indeed plastic becomes a dog toy.

And if I ever catch one of my dogs chewin’ on my T-165 or one of my Sandpipers, I’ll…


I think my Seadart is a not a dog toy.
Asthetics are in the eye of the beholder. Wood is nice, but function and form have their own attraction.

Personally I think my Seadart is pretty especially when she is strapped on my Solar Yellow Exterra. I’ve had women tell me it’s a sexy kayak … go figure.