New SOF build videos and plans from Brian Schulz

Renowned skin-on-frame boat designer, teacher and builder Brian Schulz of Cape Falcon Kayak in Oregon has posted an update on his blog announcing some new SOF plans including for ultra-light solo canoes. He has also added a site where individual SOF builders can post progress photos and blogs to share with others. He has expanded the allowances on his purchased boat plans to permit users to do a second build as long as it is done as a gift. He is also offering plans free to young builders under 18 and for people to build for their kids. He is expanding his instructional videos. His websites (both the new one and his archived old one) and blog are really enjoyable and full of information, great photography and stories about kayaking, woodworking and life in general.

Despite continuing health problems he’s doing amazingly well and finished restoring an old cottage last year to live in and set up his shop . It’s worth checking out the new video just to see the neat job he and his partner Liz did on it with mostly salvaged materials. He’s been dealing with some rare and disabling neurological issues for several years that caused him to have to sell much of his previous property to seek care, but his energy and optimism in rebuilding from that devastation is inspiring. He’s even built a vibration and heat treatment apparatus to replicate something that helped him in rehab.

Brian has introduced hundreds, if not thousands, of people to skin on frame kayaks and aided them in building their own. He’s also a just a really nice guy.

What a great attitude!