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well next weekend im going to oak orchard and test few solo light canoes. Im looking for a 14footer for about 2 grand any input on make and model would be most appreciated.thanks Art

Yes stop at Hemlock canoe first
and look at the Kestrel 14’9". Without knowing your weight and height it’s hard to recommend a 14’ canoe. Also what type of paddling are you planning to do? The 14’ length limits you to only a small number of really good canoes.

My weight is 160 and im 5/5 i plan on portage in the adk and to some back woods ponds and lakes

solo 14
I’d take a serious test paddle of the Placid Boatworks Wildfire. Lake Placid, N.Y. It’s a great hull.

OK good choices for you would be
Be on the lookout for a used Bell Wildfire in composite. It’s a really nice small lightweight as is the Merlin II which would carry a bigger payload. Souris River Tranquility is another, only 33 lbs. Wenonah Wilderness or Vagabond. Placid boat works I think Charlie has a Wildfire for sale too. I would not limit myself to 14 feet, 15 maybe but not 14.

or Rapidfire.

Definately check it out at Hemlock. I am 160 and 5-6 and love the Kestrel but Dave Curis would be the person to ask for fit.

Placid boat works is a little sttep for my budget butif there all that and bag of chips too illl save me some more money. How come nobody has mention hornbeck boats it cauae there sit on bottom boat?

Solo Canoe
The missing links are what you intend to use the cnaoe for and weather you intend to paddle with a double blade or single. The Kestral and Wildfire, both previously mentioned are both excellant single blade boats that are useful under a wide range of conditions. The Rapidfire and the Hornbeck series, also previously mentioned, are both deckless Kayaks meant to be paddled with double blades while seated on or near the bottom of the hull.

If you are looking for some good personal advice on a boat that suits your needs, and you’re in the Rochester, NY area, see Dave Curtis at Hemlock Boat Works. If a trip to Lake Placid is an option talk to Charlie at Placid Boatworks. Neither will steer you wrong. If you’re in the Rochester area and want to stay real close to home, see Ken at Bay Creek. He is also knowledgable and will steer you in the right direction.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Custom canoe paddles and cedar strip canoes

Hemlock canoes
by Dave Curtis are outstanding…and so is Dave. He will put you in the correct boat and you will own a custom built canoe crafted by a canoeist. Can’t say enough nice stuff about them. Get there if you can.

hemlock boats
well i have to be in the town of alabama this weekend so ill stop in to hemlock boats . HMMM can thay be single paddled ? Are you off the bottom of them ?

I recently ordered a
Hemlock Peregrine. I always paddle from a seated position and after explaining me needs to Dave Curtis, he has agreed to drop the seat for better seated paddling (hity and switch) with a bent shaft. Dave was very helpful and great to work with. Check out the hemlock boats by all means.

Consider driving to Old Forge next weekend. Bell, Mad River, Placid boats, Swift, Vermont and Wenonah will have boats on the beach for test paddling.

Their will probably be some kayaks there too, but, you know, as they are engineered for people with ugly knees, nobody really cares.

Swift Osprey
at Bay Creek Paddling. My take is that solo boats are built for certain styles of paddling. Some prefer a kneeling stroke application, others respond to hit and switch. Determine what you are comfortable with or if you want to learn new techniques and what you want to use the boat for.

Also where you plan to use the boat most of the time. Regional builders often build for habitats nearby and the boats are suited for similar waterscapes. Where do you plan to paddle the canoe in the future?

a new canoe purchased
Well i done called Joe at placid boats And we talked a while and he told me he had two wildfire blemished hull to make up . They were just not as pretty as the rest . Well all in all he sold me one for 2100. I hope i made the right choice.Are blemished canoes ok to buy im going to pick it up the first weekend in June . ?

You didn’t go wrong
You didn’t go wrong for what you want it for. Enjoy!

It would be a cosmetic blem
and they at PBW are picky…

Knowing them its nothing to do with the construction and integrity of the hull.

They most likely did what you will likely do within five minutes of using it. Scratch it.

In other words after the first or second outing its no different. Somebody else just put the first ding in.

excellent boat …
… from excellent builders. Enjoy!

– Mark

where should i go first
Well when June gets here where should i go visite first ? Anyone close to Mexico Ny want to join me for weekend trip?

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