New Songs

Was checking out a sale at a boat builder web site and I found this…
Seem like truth…especially for some of the forum members.

I need to commit that song to memory.

I am a fan of Jerry Vandiver, his songs speak to me! My Philosophy for sure! Had me eyeing those canoes too!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it !!
that is the main reason I had to build our twenty foot by 30 foot boat barn

I try to convince myself of that, but sometimes cuss when I have to move boats around to get to the ones I’m after.

That girl’s got good fiddle.

Can I hear an AMEN

Our theme song.

I resemble that remark.

She needs to work on her fake playing in videos.

I love Jerry’s songs - I have all four of his paddle songs albums. I have used his songs on a bunch of paddling videos. Here is my version of Too Many Boats with all the pictures that other people have sent me over the years. Mowhawk, Bell, Dagger, Mad River and Wenonnah, but no Northstar (at least not yet).
Warning - don’t try to listen to Jerry’s paddle songs on the way to work in the morning - you will never make it!

@SeaDart said:
She needs to work on her fake playing in videos.

Good catch.

If you’re getting picky, the guitar, drums, and vocals don’t match very well either! I’ll just enjoy it for what it is.