New style fishing pole holder

I have invented a new style fishing pole holder for kayaks and boats. I began selling them on Ebay and they are going like hotcakes with fantastic revues from kayakers. If you are interested in representing these or having one, just let me know. Bud

Lemme see … :slight_smile:
OK, post a link … let’s see what ya got ! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to post a link, as I am an old man and not computer savy. They are listed on Ebay (with fantastic revues) umder fishing pole holders.

I would be pleased to forward pics to you.

Thanks for the note


See the pics.
Do write to me & I will be happy to send you some pics of the rod holder. –


You’ve got mail … :slight_smile:

on ebay - linkie

– Last Updated: May-17-05 5:35 PM EST –

found one on Ebay

too bad you wont ship to canada...(would you reconsider?)

What about fly rods?
The holder doesn’tlook like it’ll work with fly rods and my ultralight spinning rig might get lost in it. Its a little bulky too. How about a shorter one for us ultralight guys, maybe one with a slot for a fly reel?

upright only?
also, it looks like it would only work sitting upright. is that so or if it were attached, say to a pungo, like in your ad, i guess the rod would sit across you to troll out the opposite sid.

if so, that might work OK!


Shipping to Canada
I would be pleased to send one to Canada. Just let me know your E-mail address or buy one on Ebay & let me know you spoke with me. Thanks Bud

Different sizes No problem
I am a back yard inventor & would enjoy building a custom holder for you (at no additional expense). Just let me know what you want. – That sure beats working with the "big boys, doesn’t it?) Bud

Upright only?? Check the link above
The feedback in the Ebay link above shows how happy one buyer is with this holder on his Kayak. Solves a long-standing problem. Bud

Spring clamps
I like the design, however, I don’t care for the clamp you used in the pics for ebay. I used 10 spring clamps that look just like the one pictured that I bought from Ace Hardware (may not be the exact same brand, but does look the same). The spring tension was stronger than the plastic that forms the pivot hoops and broke 4 out of the 10 clamps. I only used them 3 times to clamp the rubrail to my canoe. Have you had any problems with them breaking yet?

No spring clamp failure
Thanks for the heads-up. I have built nearly 200 of these new rod holders & haven’t had one report of failures. I am developing an additional bolt to secure the clamp tighter when applied. Please do let me know if you hear of any of MY clamps failing. Bud –