New SUP board for girl

I tried out a friend’s paddle board at the beach, and now I want my own. I have no idea what board to get and have been checking different places for advice. I’m planning on using it on some lakes nearby, but I’ll also be using it at the beach again whenever I can get over there. It’s easier for me than surfing since I’m a girl and don’t have a ton of upper body strength. If it matters, I weigh 120 pounds. Any advice?

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Hi there,

In case you didn’t see in the General Discussion group, I posted a link to an article I wrote that might help you out. It lists all of the things you should take into consideration when choosing a SUP.

One of the sections talks about women’s stand up paddle boards and lists my recommendation. It’s a good place to start and once you’ve answered some of the questions presented in there you should have a better idea of which direction you want to go.

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I have a small loving area and car, plus take my dogs sup with me. I got an inflatable sup through ISLE SUP. They have nice designs, good service, and decent prices. The board cones with a bag, pumps, paddle and patch kit. It fits in the trunk of my corolla!